Drake Haglan & Associates is honored to receive the ACEC 2019 Engineering Excellence Award for Category C Structural Systems on the 11th Street East Tracy Overhead Bridge Replacement Project

The 11th Street East Tracy Overhead Bridge, located in Tracy California, was originally constructed in 1960. In October 2004, Caltrans classified the bridge as “Structurally Deficient,” with a Sufficiency Rating of 49.7 making the bridge eligible for replacement under the Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP).

In 2018, the opening of the newly completed bridge marked the conclusion of a multi-year journey that included extensive coordination with multiple stakeholders and regulatory agencies.  Drake Haglan & Associates (DHA) take pride in leading the design efforts and is honored to be awarded the 2019 Engineering Excellence Award for Category C Structural Systems Award for the 11th Street East Tracy Overhead Bridge Replacement Project by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

The new bridge provides for wider traffic lanes, 8-foot wide shoulders which also serve as Class II bicycle lanes, and barrier-separated mixed-use paths that promote the safe use across the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks by pedestrians and bicyclists. The new bridge will also stimulate sustainable growth and development on the east side of the tracks since it will promote the use of alternative modes of transportation to access downtown Tracy. The bridge is located approximately ½ mile east of Tracy High School, allowing students that live on the east side of the UPRR tracks to safely walk and bike to the high school.

The superstructure of the replacement bridge consists of a cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete box girder. The bridge is a single-span structure with an overall bridge length of approximately 291-feet. The girders are skewed relative to the centerline of the roadway such that the actual span length of the girders is approximately 200-feet. The bridge configuration accommodates a planned aerial intersection for a future extension of MacArthur Drive shown in the City’s General Plan. The 40- foot tall abutments are designed as free-standing bents with a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall directly behind the abutments so that there is no lateral load on the abutments.

This project involved significant coordination with Caltrans since 11th Street is a principal arterial on the National Highway System. The 11th Street East Tracy Overhead Bridge is also a high-cost bridge project as the construction costs exceeded $20 million.

DHA served as the prime consultant on this federally and locally funded project in Tracy.

DHA’s services included:

  • Project Management
  • Agency Coordination
  • Bridge Design
  • Civil/Roadway Design
  • Utility Coordination
  • Construction Support
  • Environmental Monitoring

The project was a model of collaboration from the beginning through construction completion. Much of this project’s success can be attributed to diligent proactiveness by the DHA design team, the Hanna Group CM team, Teichert and MCM prime contractors, and the City of Tracy.

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