50 Corridor TMA Engineering Roundtable

Drake Haglan and Associates is proud to join the City of Rancho Cordova in sponsoring the 50 Corridor TMA’s Engineering Roundtable on March 15th. The goal of the TMA is to improve the quality of life through effective transportation planning. This public-private partnership promotes alternative transportation for those who live and work on the 50 Corridor.

This month’s speaker will be Sal Akhter from Streetlight Data, Streetlight Data creates analytics that shine light on mobility behavior. They use cell phone data to aid urban planning, transportation infrastructure design and project evaluation. They use “Big Data” to understand travel patterns, and focus on reducing VMT and improving transportation access and equity.

The TMA improves mobility along the 50 corridor through Advocacy, Employer Support, and Employee support. More information about the TMA is available at: www.50corridor.com

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