Hickman Road Bridge Replacement Project | Stanislaus County

DHA is proud to lead the design for the Hickman Road Bridge Replacement project in Waterford.  Stanislaus County in coordination with the City of Waterford are currently planning the replacement of the Hickman Road Bridge over the Tuolumne River.   Chris Brady, Stanislaus County Public Works, Deputy Director, was recently featured in a KCRA news report addressing the need for a new bridge.


High river flows have resulted in erosion at the bridge foundation causing safety concerns during high flow events.  In addition, the existing bridge is too narrow to handle the daily traffic count of 7,700 vehicles and does not allow for safe access for pedestrian or bicycle passage.

The new bridge’s concrete pile foundations will be over 100 feet deeper than the existing piles providing stability and the capability to withstand further erosion of the riverbed.  The new bridge will accommodate two lanes of vehicular traffic plus safe pedestrian and bicycle access while complementing the beauty of the natural landscape that currently exists.

As part of DHA’s project process, we invite residents to Outreach Forums to share their comments and concerns on projects affecting their community.  Community members at the November 8th meeting were relieved to learn that the existing bridge will remain open during construction of the replacement bridge to provide continued public access across the Tuolumne River. 

The project is being funded by the Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP), State Local Bridge Seismic Safety Retrofit Program and local match from both Stanislaus County and the City of Waterford.


New Bridge

Old Bridge

Bridge length

750 feet

652 feet

Depth of Piles (below the riverbed)

120-140 feet

15-20 feet




Clear Width

45 feet

28 feet

Lanes / Shoulders / Side Walk

2-12’ lanes, 2-8’ shoulders, 1-5’ SW

2-12’ lanes, 2-2’ feet shoulders, no SW

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