Alhambra Valley Road at Pinole Creek Washout Repair | Contra Costa County

DHA, through an on-call agreement, provided emergency design services for a washout and culvert replacement for Contra Costa County at Alhambra Valley Road over Pinole Creek.  Due to an existing debris blocked culvert pipe, creek flows overtopped the culvert and eroded away the existing 2-lane Alhambra Valley Road to a depth of approximately 25-feet below the road surface.

Due to the emergency nature of this project DHA was able to take the project from designed to completion in just ten months.

Based on Caltrans review of the construction plans and estimate, it was decided that replacing the existing culvert with a single-span bridge was an economically equivalent project while providing much better hydraulic performance.  A 60-foot pre-cast bridge was completed within a 4-week work window and replaced the culvert keeping the project construction on schedule.

Alhambra Valley Road Bridge over Pinole Creek was inaugurated at a ceremony at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 15. Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia and county Public Works Department officials will officiate.

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